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Field tours;

Mountain gorilla trecking

Chimpaze trecking

Game drives

Boat cruises and canoeing

Hot air baloon safari

Walking safari

Cultural safari

White water rafting

Quad biking safari

Agricultural/coffee tours

Bird watching

Forest walks

Hiking and montain climbing


Kampala city tours

Religious escape

Buganda taste and other cultural blends in central

crafts shopping and making experiences



Tube on the Nile
  Tubing the Nile If you ever engaged in a recreational activity of riding on water on a large inflated inner tube, then you enjoyed tubing. These tubes used are often known as doughnuts or biscuits simply because of their shape. The Nile is nature’s given for us to enjoy.You can tube ....
Taste of Uganda culture
A snapshot of uganda culture (more as you discover during the safari) Uganda is really the Pearl of Africa, with a very strong cultural background that is diverse. Our cultural endowment is well grounded with kingdoms in all the different regions of Uganda.All cultural spots and sites are part of a ....
Coffee/Agricultural safari
COFFEE /AGRICULTURAL SAFARI It is such a wonderful blend of tourism and agriculture. Let’s look at coffee in this case; Uganda’s agricultural sector coffee to be specific, stands out so well to many cup taste experts (connoisseurs) all over the world. It is usually great and well balanc ....
Hot Air Baloon
HOT AIR BALLON Nile Abenteuer takes you to this great experience. I will describe a hot air balloon simply as an aircraft that is lighter than air. This aircraft consists of an envelope filled with heated air. It is usually suspended beneath a sailboat or gondola. This is also known as a high latit ....
Water rafting
Nile Abenteure provides for special whitewater rafting releases on the Nile River when the flow nearly doubles its normal volume. This is an “aggressive, high water adventure whitewater rafting trip” and ideal for anyone with an adventurous, go for it, attitude. If you love whitewater ....
Quad Biking
If you’ve never ridden a quad bike before, don’t worry. A free training session is conducted before each safari. Trips are tailored to suit the riders ability and give the best possible adventure. Allow an extra 30 minutes for preparation and the training / practice session before the ....

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