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It is such a wonderful blend of tourism and agriculture. Let’s look at coffee in this case; Uganda’s agricultural sector coffee to be specific, stands out so well to many cup taste experts (connoisseurs) all over the world. It is usually great and well balanced. A lot of efforts today are being geared towards show casing the agricultural potential of different sectors as touristic. This is more fulfilling as you discover the realty of the coffees that you find on shelves or fancy cafes in the North. We are certain that this safari will highly contribute to changing community perspectives. The agricultural tourism in Uganda today has become better and better as many of you are looking towards unforgettable experiences of quality, diversity and origin.

You must be hearing this for may be the 50th time that Uganda is a hospitable country, and we really are our brothers’ keepers. With your agricultural tour, be sure that you will have the support and involvement of the people all the way in the coffee tours for example, the young people that will trek with you as tour guides will tell you all the beautiful stories of their communities as they own and live with them.

Most of us know and appreciate that Uganda’s biodiversity and uniqueness recognition is global. This falls through well especially for the small holder farmers that are engaged in making staff happen all the way from production. I am sure that when you come down to the farms, the farmers’ livelihood will change, experience is the best teacher, yes farmers have experience but exposure will leave imaginable different in the art of origin coffees. You will be able to witness this as you enjoy what goes on at the washing stations.

You will meet farmers that speak and smile at their coffee trees, they do so much to provide for them so that they also take care of them up to the bank. Do you enjoy a cup of coffee but do not even have an idea of how a coffee tree looks like, then Uganda is the place for you.Come and enjoy the farmers growing coffee on the slopes of mountain Rwenzori in Kabarole and Kasese. When you visit the Kigezi region, you will also enjoy the farming practices on the steep hills. Livestock will also leave you mesmerised. The very big tea estates as you travel to Fort portal will give you a beautiful eco view of the green fields.

We also have beautiful banana plantations.You will be exposed to the different types of bananas which give us one of the best delicacies you will ever taste. We also make local brew from some kinds of banana by the way. We extract this kind of alcohol from bananas.You will like the taste if you try it.You would not like to miss out on the way on how it is brewed, processed and stored for fermentation.

The Western part of Uganda is definitely our land of honey and milk.You will enjoy the experiences of the livestock farmers, (Diary) many are into this business for business. The local Ankole long horned cattle are our own breed. As you walk through the ranches where the cows graze, you will relax to the stories and songs during the milking process.

You go through national parks and are therefore assured of seeing beautiful wild life on your way to some of these places that carry out spectacular agricultural practices.



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