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A snapshot of uganda culture (more as you discover during the safari)

Uganda is really the Pearl of Africa, with a very strong cultural background that is diverse. Our cultural endowment is well grounded with kingdoms in all the different regions of Uganda.All cultural spots and sites are part of a particular kingdom with its own unique setup and history. The kingdoms we have in Uganda include but not limited to Buganda, Busoga, Bunyoro, Tooro and so many others. With the cultural diversity that we take pride in, you will find that each of the tribes here has a traditional dance. The Baganda have different dances for different occasions, amagunju for example a dance that welcomes the Kabaka (king), Bakisimba muwogola for entertaining guests, and so many others. The Bakiga have the Kitagururo, Banyoro the Runyege-ntogoro, Larakaraka and Bwola for the Acholi while the Bagisu take so much pride in their Imbalu which is usually performed during the circumcision ceremonies, blended with a dance called AKADODDI. if the season is on you will encounter groups of people with drum, with leaves tied accross their waste and the sound of the Kadoddi drums feels like home again as you approach village around Mt. Elgon.

In Uganda today, we have what we call the cultural organisations, and as you prepare for a cultural tour, these will be very helpful in the process.You will of course enjoy the memories built while on a cultural and eco-tourism safari.

The wide range of art and craft which are often made using raw materials like papyrus, reeds, wood and other indigenous materials all explain and illustrate our culture and traditions. Some of the products from these include, jewellery from beadwork, batiks and wood carvings.You will easily find these while in Kampala .They can be found in places such as the commonly known African village/market, along Buganda Road, bazaars around town, some hotels and shops, as well as the National theatre craft market.

The Ugandan Drum;

Even when many other African countries have a drum, the Ugandan drum is one of the strong Symbolism of the African culture. This drum is made out of wood and animal is mainly meant for communication and entertainment. In Buganda for example, they would sound the drum to pass on a specific communication to the members of the village. Different sounds meant a different communication. Sounding the drum when there is need for urgent help is different from sounding the drum when someone has died or even when calling people to attend church or prayers. Entertainment is the other use of the drum in Uganda.You will also notice that the technique and rhythm of sounding the drums is also unique to the different tribes.

What are the must see cultural sites in Uganda?

Our cultural heritage is really huge that you will be rather spoilt for choice when it comes to these.

In Kampala, We have the Kasubi tombs, which are the burial grounds for the Buganda Kings and royals, and their coronation site in Naggalabi, Buddo. The Kabaka’s lake and his palace the Bahai Temple and the Uganda museum. At the museum, you learn about the history of all the different cultures in Uganda. The Nakasero Green market which is all full of sweet and fresh fruits, vegetables and foods.You may also like to visit the Ndere centre for an evening where you are taken across the whole of Uganda through dance entertainment within just an hour or less.

Moving towards the eastern part of Uganda, the Uganda Martyrs shrine Namugongo is a must see,ssezibwa falls, all as you move towards Jinja where there’s the source of the Nile, the longest river in Africa. The Bujagali falls.You will be able to enjoy white water rafting if you are brave enough for it.

On your way to The West, Nakayima in Mubende is another site with intriguing history. The Palace of the King of Tooro is also found in Fort Portal, the Amabeere ga Nyinamwiru (literally translated as breasts of Nyinamwiru) in Nyakasura.You will find features in the shape of breasts hence the name. There are also hot springs nearby here where you can boil an egg using the hot water from the springs. Still on your way to the far West, Kibale National Park and Queen Elizabeth National park will be ready for you for Chimpanzee Trekking and a game drive as you move through to Mbarara.

The Banyankole cultural sites will fascinate you with their culture as you visit their kingdom shrines, Igongo cultural centre and typical ankole homesteads. As you drive back to Kampala, remember to stop by the equator, and enjoy a photo moment while at the 2 hemispheres.You will also be able to buy some crafts and souvenirs from craft shops around the equator.


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