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Agro-tourism is one of the new upcoming tourism products in Uganda. The country is having fast urbanization and the growers also must keep up if they want to the trending world. Agrotourism works authentically well for both the locals and foreign travelers.

It's a combination of tourism and farming and it's where specific crops are grown on a large scale for tourism purposes first and also retailed off to earn income.

Agrotourism in Uganda is substantially carried out in the Country and it has started attracting numerous travelers who go on safaris to see the beautiful gardens that are always on display for both the locals and the excursionists who visit to see the different ways that are used in husbandry in Uganda


Agritourism ranch spots


The Pineapple Agro tourism Ranch

The pineapple ranch is in the quarter of Luweero which 75 kilometers from is the capital megacity of Uganda Kampala and it's just sitting on four acres. Excursionists typically visit the area to see the way how these are propagated and how they're gathered.

It's generally operated on by Asians and everyone who visits the ranch is given a cutter which they use when it comes to harvesting the pineapples and they also get to buy some fresh pineapples. The ranch also gives out knowledge about the different ways that are used when it comes to husbandry.


Ndali Vanilla ranch

It's a 1000 acre mixed tropical ranch amid the explosion craters of the Ndali Stormy field in Western Uganda. It specializes in exquisite quality Fairtrade vanilla greasepaint and vanilla shells which it grows on Ndali and also buys from other Fairtrade growers. Walks will take you around crater skirtings, once alcohol brewing in canvas cans, through banana colonies, coffee sundecks, and plots of cassava, groundnuts, sludge, and millet.


Kajjansi Fish Farm.

It's positioned between Kampala and Entebbe with its several artificial ponds that attract a variety of catcalls like herons, storks, waterfowl, and waders

Pearl of Africa Agritourism Farm

This is in Wakiso in Banda along Hoima road and it has different shops in the area that are grown substantially for tourism and also for trade and consumption purposes. The ranch shows you the different agrarian ways that are used on the ranch and how to maintain a large ranch. Some of the shops that are grown on the ranch include the following

Tea colonies

The Kahangi tea estate is one of the stylish granges to visit on agro-tourism safari and it's the oldest in stronghold gate, located on the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains, the ranch borders Kibale public demesne, it grows tea and Arabic coffee and in recycling other products which include castor canvas, coffee canvas, sunflower canvas, and other essential skin products


Cattle Rearing

This is substantially done in Western Uganda where people rear cattle most. Western Uganda has substantially the cattle species of the long-horned cattle which are reared for both meat and milk. The cattle granges are now used for sightseer purposes where one opens his or her ranch to the public and they pay a small payment to see the different characteristics of cattle, how they're fed, capitalized, and how their ordure is used for fertilization.


 Igara Tea Estate

Igara Farmers Tea Factory Limited is a small-holder tea plant located in the southwestern part of Uganda in Kyamuhunga. It's 12 km down from Bushenyi city along Bushenyi-Kasese road. A visit to the estate takes callers to the tea ranch as well as the tea processing factory. The walk is free of charge.


Katende Harambe agro ranch

 Located close to Kampala megacity in kyaliwajala, it's a family-possessed ranch that gives you a sight into Uganda's subsistence/ sustainable husbandry. it gives sight into smallholder ranch product, storehouse, water crop, bettered beast husbandry, crop husbandry, making ordure and so much more.


  Musubi Farm.

Located in eastern Uganda Mayuge quarter in Bukabooli sub-county, spots on acres of land. It grows Hass avocado which is commercially grown targeting both the original and foreign requests, substantially Europe.


Bunyangabu Beekeepers collaborative

 It's located 22kms from Fort portal and 50 km from Kasese on stronghold portal-Kasese trace

Bunyangabu Beekeeping Cooperative (BBC), is a community association that takes beekeeping veritably seriously, using nature’s gifts to help live in harmony with the terrain that surrounds them. BBC owns an apiary, located about 300 measures from the main structure, which is well- grazed with all types of beehives ranging from traditional to ultramodern. Fresh honeycomb is available from BBC between March-May and August-November.

From their training Centre, BBC stocks pure honey, beeswax candles in a variety of designs, and propolis tinctures in small bottles, all of which are for sale. However, when you visit, you can pick up some of their award-winning cream honey – the stylish in East Africa, If you're lucky. This beekeeping collaborative offers a true honey experience, where callers can see honey processing, taste honey from the comb, and indeed make their candles to take home.


Activities which can be done on Agro sites.

Banana brewing, interacting with original women and men while supporting their frugality, and learning the age-old fashion behind brewing a batch of the original banana

On-ranch direct deals

Guided tenures for illustration guided crop tenures, product process tenures for professionals and experimenters,

Out-of-door recreation include picnicking, stalking, fishing, photography, horseback riding, and biking

Educational activities like ranch work experience, tastings, demonstrations, and others.

Guided or self-guided tenures and learning pastoral conditioning.

Festivals and events like crop carnivals or events, tractor lifts, original dining, liar and interactive games

Temporary boarding

Ranch carnivals

Bird watching

Participatory experience, like animals birthing, pickups that pick own product like fruit, food tasting, and others.

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