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Uganda Safaris.

Uganda is one of the land locked countries and well known as the ‘pearl of Africa’ the tittle given to it by Winston Churchill and this came because of its diverse sceneries that can be spotted all over the country. Uganda is located in East Africa, neighbouring Tanzania to the south, Rwanda to the south west, D.R. Congo to the west, south Sudan to the north and Kenya to the east.

A Uganda safari can take you to explore the 10 national parks and over 12 game reserves in the country which are well covered with attractions such as wildlife, water bodies like lakes, water falls, incredible scenery characterised by mountains and valleys and many more to discover. These game parks have different neighbouring communities and give you a chance to visit one or two while on your safari.

Therefore, during a Uganda safari you have a chance to enjoy more than expected. Some of the activities include the following;

Primate trekking (gorilla, golden monkeys and chimpanzees).

Uganda is blessed with tropical rain forests and these favour primate habitation. Most of the south western part of the country is located within Virunga ranges where you can locate the endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys.

Trekking mountain gorillas is only done in Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable national park; golden monkeys can be trekked in Mgahinga National Park.

Chimpanzee trekking is mainly done in Kibale national park but there are other destinations where you can trek these beautiful cousins, including Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, Budongo and Kalinzu forests.

Trekking these primates requires you to have a valid trekking permit purchased from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and because the permits are limited to only 8 people per day, you can purchase the permits earlier; even a year before trekking date.

Primate habituation is also provided and only 6 visitors are allowed to habituate one gorilla family only done in Bwindi national park as well as chimpanzees which is done in Kibale National Park. Habituation exercise helps wildlife or primates to get used to human behaviours.

Wildlife safaris in Uganda.

Uganda has seven savannah national parks where wildlife viewing can take place. This is through using an open roof tourist vehicle (4x4 wheel drive) and drive around the park or using a boat where visitors get a chance to spot amazing wildlife. Some of the most sought after include the rare tree climbing lions which can found in Ishasha sector - Queen Elizabeth national park, buffaloes, elephants, bush backs, waterbucks, Jackson hartebeests, Uganda kobs, jackals, lions, leopards, hippos, crocodiles among others. The game drives or boat cruises last for about 2-3 hours.

Cultural safaris.

Uganda has over 50 cultures fairly distributed all over the country and among others include the Batooro, Bakiga, Baganda, Batwa and Karamajongs. These cultures provide visitors with cultural dances, historical excursions, traditional dishes, hand crafts like baskets among others.

Great cultural adventures can be organised while on this safari to take you to Isunga Cultural Community in Kibale national park for both Batooro and Bakiga cultures, as well as Entanda cultural experience for the Buganda culture.

Hiking safaris.

Take a hike on either Rwenzori mountains to reach the Margherita peak which is the highest point in Uganda with 5,109 meters above the sea level or Mount Elgon with Wagagai peak which stands at 4,321 metres above the sea level. Other mountains to hike are Mount. Gahinga, Mount. Muhabura and other small hills like Mwegenywa in Fort portal.

Birding safaris.

Over 1000 bird species can be spotted in Uganda and these are savannah, swamp, forests among others. Uganda birding safari takes you to spore birds like the shoebill stork in Mabamba wetlands, the great breasted pitta in Kibale national park and other birds that can be spotted are the Abyssinian ground hornbill, malachite king fisher, African fish eagle, hawks, weaver birds, hamerkop, grey crested crane, great blue turacos, Rwenzori turacos and many more.

Best time to take a Uganda safari.

Uganda is a lovely country with suitable and favourable weather where you can even move with light clothing during cold days. This means that the country is beautiful and can be visited all year round.

All you need to know is that Uganda has two dry and wet seasons where the dry season begins in December until February and June to August where you can take a safari without hindrances by rains.

1 day Mabamba wetland birding tour
1 DAY MABAMBA WETLAND BIRDING TOUR. Overview Mabamba wetland is one of the best birding spots in Uganda and it’s well known for homing the rare shoebill stork. It is located between Entebbe and Kampala at the shores of Lake Victoria. Mabamba swamp can be accessed from either Entebbe or Kampa ....
2 days Jinja adventure safari
2 DAYS JINJA ADVENTURE SAFARI. Overview. This 2 days Jinja adventure rewards you with the best safari of exploring different places like Sezibwa falls in Mukono, Mabira forest, source of the Nile and White water rafting. The journey is amazing filled with amazing attractions, enroute like tea and ....
3 Days Bwindi from Kigali
3 DAYS BWINDI GORILLA TOUR FROM KIGALI. Overview. The amazing safari to Bwindi national park in Uganda will begin and end in Kigali, Rwanda. This means that you will have a chance to visit two countries in East Africa within only three days. The safari will take you to visit and trek the mountain ....
3 Days Lake Mburo wildlife safari
3 DAYS LAKE MBURO NATIONAL PARK SAFARI. Overview. This safari takes you to the smallest savannah national park situated in western Uganda in Kiruhura, Isingiro and Mbarara districts. The park is blessed with wildlife which you will explore while on a game drive. Among the animals to spot include z ....
3 Days Queen Elizabeth national park safari
3 DAYS QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK SAFARI. Overview Take a safari to the home of tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector and also chimpanzees our cousins in Kyambura gorge. The journey rewards you with both wildlife and culture by taking an enroute visit to the Bakiga and Batooro communities i ....
3 days Sabinyo volcano climbing
3 DAYS SABYINYO VOLCANO CLIMBING TOUR. Overview. This safari will take you to the best of Mount. Sabyinyo summit which will reward you with great views of three East African countries - Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo, as well as Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Kivu. While on the hike, the slopes of Sabyiny ....
3 days Mt Gahinga Hike
3 DAYS MOUNT. GAHINGA HIKE. Overview. Visit Mgahinga national park during this 3 days safari where you will be able to hike Gahinga Mountain which is part of 8 Virunga Mountains. The hike is interesting as you pass through the forest which is filled with attractions like birds, golden monkeys, red ....
5 Days Semliki National Park and Fort Portal Safari
5 DAYS SEMULIKI NATIONAL PARK & FORT PORTAL SAFARI. Overview. The 5 Days Semliki National Park & Fort Portal Safari rewards you a chance to explore both wildlife and culture in Fortportal city. Visiting the Sempaya hot springs with the Amabere caves combined with crater lakes exploration. ....
4 DAYS BWINDI AND LAKE BUNYONYI SAFARI FROM KIGALI. Overview. This tour presents an opportunity for gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park and a night on Lake Bunyonyi, giving primate adventure and relaxation. After trekking gorillas, there’s nothing mor ....
3 days Golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga national park
3 DAYS GOLDEN MONKEY TREKKING IN MGAHINGA GORILLA NATIONAL PARK. Overview. Golden monkey trekking is an amazing activity on your safari to Uganda and Africa at large. These monkeys are different from others with reddish punches all over the body, while their nostrils face upwards. The safari seem ....
4 Days Gorillas and Golden Monkeys trekking in Mgahinga national park
4 DAYS MGAHINGA GORILLAS & GOLDEN MONKEY SAFARI. Overview. Embark on these 4 days safari to Mgahinga national park where you will trek two famous primates at the same destination; that is Mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. You also have a chance to visit the Batwa community where you will ....
3 Days Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Mgahinga National Park
3 DAYS MOUNTAIN GORILLA TREKKING IN MGAHINGA N/P. Overview. Visit the smallest national park in Uganda-Mgahinga national park in this 3 days safari where you will trek the endangered mountain gorillas. The park is situated in the Virunga Mountains and has diverse wildlife including the rare golden ....
3 Days Bwindi Gorilla tour and Lake Bunyonyi
3 Days Bwindi Gorilla tour and Lake Bunyonyi Tour. Overview. Take a 3 day safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a habitat of more than 600 mountain gorillas which is close to a half of the 1060 total population known to be thriving in the entire world. The magical Kigezi hills offer impress ....
3 Days Kidepo Flying Safari
3 DAYS KIDEPO FLYING SAFARI. Overview This safari takes you to Kidepo valley national park, to explore the best of this most isolated national park in Uganda. Discovering its true African wilderness through a game drive and community tour to the Karamojong rewards you with the best memorable exper ....
3 Days Mount Elgon Hiking and Sipi falls tour
3 DAYS MOUNT ELGON HIKING & SIPI FALLS TOUR. Overview. Hiking is one of the adventures in Uganda that rewards you with the best memories. Therefore, a 3 days safari to Mount Elgon rewards you with great adventure. It also covers the culture of the Bagishu who live around this mountain, also h ....
5 days Mount Elgon hiking experience
5 DAYS MOUNT. ELGON HIKING SAFARI. Overview. One of the interesting eastern Uganda safari is this 5 days Mount. Elgon hike where you will explore the beautiful mountain which standards at an elevation of 4,321 metres above sea level. Also, this safari takes you to view the Sipi River with the rom ....
4 Days Murchison Falls safari
4 DAYS MURCHISON FALLS NP TOUR. Overview. A great safari where you have a chance to spot the big five animals in their natural habitat, spot the hippos and crocodiles among others. Also, this safari rewards you with a full hour of explore the mighty chimpanzees. With several stopovers, a major on ....
4 Days Bwindi and Lake Mburo safari from Kigali
4 DAYS BWINDI AND LAKE MBURO SAFARI FROM KIGALI. Overview The safari takes you to the primates of Bwindi impenetrable national park and wildlife in Lake Mburo national park and also has a chance to explore one of the unique cultures in Uganda the Batwa pygmies. Your safari will commence from Kigal ....
4 Days Bwindi and Mgahinga Double Gorilla Trekking
4 DAYS BWINDI AND MGAHINGA DOUBLE GORILLA TREKKING TOUR. Overview. Visit the two national parks in Uganda where you will trek gorillas. Mountain gorillas are rare endemic species that can be spotted in Virunga Mountains and good chance, in Uganda you can find these gorillas in two national parks a ....
5 Days Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth national park safari from Kigali
5 DAYS BWINDI & QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK TOUR FROM KIGALI. Overview. The safari takes you to trek the primates and enjoy a game drive with a boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth National park. You will spot bird species like Abyssinian ground hornbill, African fish eagle and malachite kingfishe ....
4 days Mgahinga gorillas and Lake Mutanda tour
4 DAYS MGAHINGA GORILLAS AND LAKE MUTANDA TOUR. Overview. The exciting 4 days safari to Mgahinga and Mutanda enables you to explore the smallest rain forest national park in Uganda and also visit one of the interesting lakes in Kisoro, Lake Mutanda where you will enjoy canoe rides and relax at the ....
5 Days Murchison Falls and Kibale forest safari
5 DAYS MURCHISON FALLS AND KIBALE NP SAFARI. Overview. Visit the two national parks where you will enjoy abundant wildlife that dwell in this park through game dives and chimpanzee trekking adventure. Have a chance to visit Ziwa Rhino sanctuary where you will be able to trek rhinos, Isunga cultura ....
5 Days Kidepo Safari
5 DAYS KIDEPO SAFARI. Overview. The safari is amazing as you head to the most isolated national park in Africa and passing through the indigenous forests, local roadside markets and impressive sceneries. The safari takes you to enjoy game drives, rhino trekking and cultural encounters of the Kara ....
6 Days Uganda Safari
6 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview. Visit three national parks during this safari where you will get involved in different activities such as chimpanzee trekking, game drive, boat cruise, gorilla trekking and Cultural community visit of the Batwa pygmies. The safari is rewarding as it combines cultur ....
5 Days Sabinyo hiking and gorilla trekking in Uganda
5 DAYS SABINYO HIKING AND MGAHINGA GORILLA TREKKING. Overview Take this 5 days safari in Uganda which takes you to hike the rugged Sabyinyo volcano and again trek the remaining endangered mountain gorillas. The hike is rewarding as the summit gives the best view of three countries (DR Congo, Rwand ....
8 Days Uganda Safari
8 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI.   Discover the pearl of Africa as you take this 8 days safari where you will encounter both wildlife and culture. More will be seen and enjoyed while participating in the activities like game drives, boat cruises, chimpanzee and gorilla trekking and community or nature w ....
12 Days Uganda Safari
12 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview Uganda has a lot to discover and spot while on your safari and this 12days safari will take you to the most prominent national parks with an abundance of wildlife such as primates, the big five animals, big cats, antelopes and cultures of Bakiga, Batooro and Batwa. ....
7 Days Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga and Nkuringo Gorilla Trekking safari
7 DAYS BUHOMA, RUHIJA, RUSHAGA AND NKURINGO GORILLA TREKKING.   Overview. Join this exclusive 7 Days Uganda gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi Forest National park. The safari offers you 4 times’ chance to trek 4 different gorilla families in all the 4 sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable For ....
14 Days Uganda Safari
14 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview. The 14 days Uganda safari rewards you with the most interesting moments and a great experience through discovering Uganda’s wildlife including the primates and the big five animals. The tour takes you to five national parks that are must visit in Uganda such ....
12 Days Uganda gorilla Safari and Rwenzori hiking
12 DAYS UGANDA GORILLA TREKKING AND RWENZORI HIKING SAFARI. Overview. This 12 days safari combines gorilla trekking and Rwenzori hike in two national parks that is Bwindi and Rwenzori mountain national park. Trekking the remaining refugees of mountain gorillas is amazing as you view them feed or g ....
15 Days Uganda Safari
15 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview. The 15 days safari in Uganda rewards you with the best wildlife and culture that you cannot witness anywhere. Visiting the selected areas and national parks like Kibale, Queen Elizabeth among others as you explore savannahs and rain forests alike will enable you to ....
16 Days Uganda Safari
16 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview. The 16 days Uganda safari rewards you with the great experience of primate watching, scenic viewing, hiking, game viewing, cultural encounter and much more through visiting seven national parks in Uganda. Some of the activities to engage into are nature walks, gam ....
2 Days Mount Rwenzori hiking adventure
2 DAYS MOUNT. RWENZORI HIKING SAFARI. Overview. This safari takes you to the legendary mountains of the moon - Rwenzori national park which is located in the western district of Kasese. The hike using the Kilembe route is rewarding with primates such as blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkey ....
21 Days Uganda Safari
21 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview. Discover Uganda’s most beautiful national parks on this long Uganda safari. Spend 21 Days on a Safari in Uganda and get an opportunity to visit all different sites and places that make Uganda the Pearl of Africa. This long tour takes you to all the most excit ....
6 Days Rwenzori hiking safari
6 DAYS RWENZORI HIKING SAFARI. Overview. Take a hike along Rwenzori Mountain where you will reach Guy Yeoman hut. The hike takes you through the bamboo forest, bog, water falls, and rivers like Mobuku as well as spotting primates like olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, and red tailed ....
8 Days Rwenzori climbing adventure
8 DAYS RWENZORI SAFARI. Overview. Trek Rwenzori and reach the highest point in Uganda at Margherita peak which is covered by snow. The safari is rewarding with memories as you take photos, camping moments, campfires, spotting unique wildlife such as the three-horned chameleon, primates like white ....

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