Amboseli national park is one of the finest Kenya’s national park and well known as famed home of elephants with a stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is located in Kajiado County south of Kenya near Tsavo National Park. This park gets its name from the Masai language, Amboseli means salty dust.

Before it became a national park, it was known as the Maasai Amboseli game reserve and in 1974, it was renamed Amboseli national park and now it covers an area of In 1991, it attained its listing as a heritage site by UNESCO under the management of Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS).

The park has different attractions ranging from birdlife to beautiful scenery. And these include;-


The park has over 500 bird species, most of them are permanent resident birds while others are migratory birds from Europe and the rest of Africa, mostly coming for breeding and returning to their home countries.

Birds that are spotted here include; Rufous-napped lark, the African Fish Eagle, Pied kingfisher, Falcon, Double-banded courser, white-browed coucal, Fischer’s sparrow lark, Mosque swallow and the vulnerable lesser kestrel.


Over 75 mammal species including the big five are present here, with elephants being the most common, the big cats including lion, cheetah and leopard. Others are the zebras, giraffes, spotted hyenas, and so much more.

Lake Amboseli.

Lake Amboseli is a good hub for elephants and other mammals which come to lick saltwater. The lake also acts as a source of water during the dry season.

Beautiful scenery.

Mount. Kilimanjaro gives a stunning view of the glaciers and ice on top of the mountain which is African tallest and world’s highest free Standing Mountain.


Never worry about what to do as you plan to visit Amboseli national park. Some of the activities one can do include the following;

Game drives.

Enjoy up to three game drives in this park while on your safari to Kenya. Game drives offer you a chance to spot big cats and big five animals in their natural wilderness.

Engage in the morning game drive as you catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise while the predators search for their prey, sunset and night game viewing all are rewarding.

Nature walks.

Take a walk on foot in the wildness with the guidance of an armed park ranger. Get close to different animals and capture amazing photo shots while using demarcated trails. The walk is interesting during evening hours, full of fresh air and stunning sunset scenery.


With over 400 bird species in the park, both residents and migratory birds have favoured bird watching in this park. These birds are both savannah and water dwellers; including Double-banded courser, white-browed coucal, Fischer’s sparrow lark, and Mosque swallows.


Wildlife in this park is permanent, which makes it possible to be visited throughout the year. Though, the best time to visit Amboseli national park is in the dry season which is June to October and December to February.

This is when the park can be accessed easily, with perfect weather for wildlife viewing than during wet season when roads are impassable and activities can be hindered. Birding on the other hand is interesting in the wet season of March to April and November.


The park can be accessed using either road or air transport; by road, the distance covered is 240 kilometres from Nairobi city through Namanga on Arusha-Nairobi Road and this take approximately 4 hours because the road is well tarmacked.

Another option is by air and Amboseli national park has only one airstrip at Empusel gate. Or you can also use neighbouring airstrip like the Namanga or Kilimanjaro airstrips.

A safari to Amboseli national park is worth an experience and we are ready to plan the best of your choice depending on your budget. Book a safari to Amboseli national park today and enjoy Kenya’s finest!

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Tour details

  • Tour Type Game Drive
  • Country Kenya
  • National Languages English & Swahili
  • Time Zone GMT+3