What an interesting park to visit on your safari to Africa this is! Jozani-Chwaka national park is located in the centre of Zanzibar, the island of Tanzania covering an area of It’s the only National park in Zanzibar. This park is so interesting and well known for harbouring the rare Zanzibar red colobus monkeys.

These monkeys are mostly known as Kirk’s red colobus monkeys since Sir John kirk was the first zoologist to discover them and present them to zoological science and therefore the name originates from that theory.

This park is also a home of other interesting flora and fauna such as Zanzibar leopard, Ader’s duiker, bush babies, elephant shrews, bush pigs, antelopes, and reptiles like chameleons, African civet, over 40 butterfly species, over 60 bird species, interesting mangrove forests among others.


The beautiful flora and fauna have made it possible for different amazing activities in this park.


This is one of the leading activities in this park and is so because the park has over 60 bird species that can be spotted during wet seasons. This is because many birds move from Europe and the rest of Africa join home birds in this park.

The birds that can be spotted both common and unique are Kingfishers, African fish eagles, sunbirds, pelicans, vultures, spoonbills and much more.

Therefore this has made the park a bird watching hub.

Game viewing

The Park has less, unique and rare wild animals that are only being spotted here for an example of a red colobus monkey, African civet, Sykes’ monkey, bush babies and the Zanzibar leopard among others. These animals can be observed on a walking safari around the forest park.

Cultural visits / encounters.

For those interested in cultures, this is the best way to go. The park is sounded by local people with a very strong cultural diversity. These people are hospitable and so welcoming to the visitors and this has made them conserve their culture over years. On your visit, you will interact with them and learn more about their culture through participating in their traditional dishes preparation and also get a chance in the tasting.

Later on, you have an option of buying a souvenir to support the community as well as your reminder that once you visited this community.

Guided forest walks.

With a help of an experienced local guide, take a walk around the forest to explore its beauty. The park seems to be small but reaches flora and faunas that cannot be spotted elsewhere in the world and these can be spotted very well on foot.

The experienced local guide can explain the different tree species of which are local herbs, as you enjoy the sights and sounds birds and primates keep swinging from one tree to another.

Best time of the year to visit Jozani-Chwaka National Park.

The best time to visit this park is December-February and June – September which are the dry seasons. This enables easy access to the park and activities like forest walk are smoothly carried out without hindrances than in the wet season.

What to carry on your safari to Jozani Chwaka National Park?

On a visit to this park, you will need to carry some items considering the activities that take place in the park; a pair of binoculars to help you magnify distant objects, long and short-sleeved light clothing with dull or environmental friendly colours and this helps not to scare the wild animals, warm clothing like a sweater for warmth during cold hours, a hat to protect you from direct sunlight, a guide book for reference, hiking boots or shoes, a light rain jacket, insect repellent, among others.

Therefore, do not miss out on visiting this park while on your safari to Africa, Nile Abenteuer is here to organise the best safari ranging from tailor-made, budget and luxury to group safaris.




Tour details

  • Tour Type Game Drive
  • Country Zanzibar
  • National Languages English & Swahili
  • Time Zone GMT+3