Arusha is a city in Tanzania located in the northern part of the country in the middle of two volcanic mountains, Meru and Kilimanjaro. It is known as the starting point for the northern circuit safaris and it is filled with various attractions in form of culture, history, local markets, old colonial building and coffee shops.

It is a gateway city to several of Tanzania’s gems, including Serengeti, Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Kilimanjaro national park, with a temperate climate and lush surroundings. You can enjoy lively nightlife with many restaurants and nightclubs. Consisting of museums and galleries to discover the history and marvel at the art of the area.

Arusha is a big city in the East African region because it is where all East African meeting is held. It has been considered as the 4th best preferred conferencing destination in Africa as per the International Congress and Conference Association.

What to do in Arusha city?

Arusha is one of the biggest cities in Tanzania, there is a lot to discover while on your safari to Africa and among others include;

A visit to local markets. There are central and Masai markets which are daily markets selling fresh products like fruits, meat and fish. They also sale fabrics and electronics and making your visit worthwhile as you get to know the real African hustle.

Visit the museums; these museums are filled of ancient, cultural and social history and also a wide selection of African art, sculptures and artifacts. Learn more about the Swahili people and colonialism while on your visit to these museums.

Volunteer; for those with the spirit of volunteering, go out there and plant trees, cleaning part of the city, teaching in the local communities.

Visit the nearest parks like the Arusha, Meru, Kilimanjaro, among others where you will spot different animals like olive baboons, buffalo, bushbucks, elephants, giraffe, hippos and leopards among others.

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Visit Lake Natron; it is situated at the foot of Mount Ol Donyo Lengai and it is a soda lake. The lake favours birding due to its different bird species located here such as the flamingos.

Visit Uhuru torch monument; this indicates a sign of light and freedom which was first lit by Alexandra Nyirenda in 1961. It a sign of joy when there is sorrow, love when there is hatred and once in a year, people gather around to witness when it is being lit.

Coffee tours; take a coffee tour at Aranga Coffee Group where you will enjoy a great experience from the garden to the cup using, the farmers will take you through the plantations and then head to the kitchen to taste the locally made coffee.

Visit the cultural heritage centre; it is located in the outskirts of Arusha city and it is full of jewellery, stones like tanzanite, paintings, African fabrics, souvenir shops among others. Visiting is worth an experience as you encounter different tribes in Tanzania.

Maserani snake park; this park is located just 25 kilometres from the city and it is home to a variety of reptiles and snakes. Reptile lovers make a stopover at this point as thy head to the northern circuit parks. It is managed by the Maasai warriors and the snakes here are, Egyptian Cobra, Puff Adder, Black and Green Mambas among others.

Other activities include; hiking mount Meru, tasting local dishes, visiting waterfalls like Bang’ata and Themi, visiting the Masai communities and so much more.

Ideally, Arusha city has a lot to see, make a decision today and book with us a safari to Northern Tanzania, it’s a true gem.



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Tour details

  • Tour Type Game Drive
  • Country Tanzania
  • National Languages English & Swahili
  • Time Zone GMT+3