Nairobi city is the capital city of Kenya and it covers an area of 696sq. kilometres. Outside the city is Nairobi National Park, 113 of special flora, cliffs and forest. The park is home to large herds of zebra, Wildebeest, Buffalo, Giraffe and more. Rhino, Cheetah, and a large number of Lions are all found here, living within 20 minutes out of the town centre.


Visit Nairobi National Park

This Park is situated outside the city, a 20-minute drive covering 7 kilometres. This is the oldest national park in Kenya, with a rhino sanctuary. The park is good for birding given more than 400 bird species recorded here.

While on a game drive in this park, you can sight animals like lions, gazelles, buffaloes, warthogs, cheetahs, zebras and giraffes.

Giraffe centre.

This area acts as an education centre for children but visiting the area is worth a memorable experience as you stand on the platform and start feeding and kissing the Rothschild’s giraffes. You have a chance to roam through a natural forest and learn more.

Karen Blixen Museum

This was a former home of Karen Blixen where she used to run a coffee plantation. Nowadays, you can tour this colonial home as you see the coffee drying point in the woodlands; separate kitchen outside the mainland, the local guides offer great information and history.

Nairobi National Museum

This is one of the educational institutions in Nairobi. The museum displays much of the history and culture of Kenya through arts, fossils from Lake Turkana, collection of rocks and minerals. A lot to learn here, including the history of tectonic plates

Bomas of Kenya.

This area is located just 10 km from Nairobi city and it is where the tribes of Kenya are celebrated. It also comprises homesteads or Bomas and each reflecting unique culture of major ethnic groups. Are you interested in culture? this is the way to go.

Kazuri beads factory.

Kazuri is a Swahili word meaning “small and beautiful”. This place offers you beautiful souvenirs you can buy for your friends and relatives as you support disadvantaged women. Take a tour around the factory; learn as you witness women making beads and pots.

African heritage house

With its unique architecture, this house overlooks Nairobi National Park, combining all African cultures. You can spend a night here as you enjoy the artworks around the walls.

Snake park

The place is home to several reptiles (crocodiles, tortoise, and lizards) and snakes such as puff adder, black mamba, the Egyptian cobra, African rock python and Gabon viper among others.

Art gallery

The red hill art gallery has around six exhibitions each year and a circle art gallery. All these are dominated by local artisans.

Kenyatta International Conference Centre

This is a significant building that was constructed years ago by the first president Jomo Kenyatta. Take the lift up to the 27th floor, and then climb the remaining two floors to the viewing platform. On clear days, you can view Mount. Kenya during good weather

Best time to visit Nairobi City.

The best time to plan your Nairobi tour activities is during the dry months of July through to October and January to February. Though, you can visit Nairobi on any day of the year. The driest and coolest months in Nairobi are July and August.

A lot can be sighted during a visit to Nairobi city; ranging from cultural, historical, natural and man-made attractions. As you plan your safari to Kenya, consider visiting Nairobi city.

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Tour details

  • Tour Type Game Drive
  • Country Kenya
  • National Languages English & Swahili
  • Time Zone GMT+3